Mobile credit card processing works through your smartphone’s application. The process starts with you using your mobile device to take a photo of the card you want to use. You’ll typically need to fill out additional information about the transaction before sending it off to be processed, so follow any instructions provided by your payment processor’s mobile app.

Credit card processing companies integrate with many ecommerce shopping carts. If you’re using our free online store builder software at Store-Script, review the documentation to find out more about mobile credit card processing and how it works with your website.

Mobile credit card processing solutions give merchants flexibility in completing sales transactions anywhere they want to. The process allows any business to reduce their reliance on in-person sales and increase online product purchases. Merchants who use a shopping cart to sell their products will find this is one of the most convenient ways to take credit card transactions from anywhere they or their customers may be.

How does mobile credit card processing differ from traditional payment methods?

Mobile credit card processing offers several advantages over traditional credit card processing. Most businesses process payments using their conventional desktop or laptop computers. The problem with this is that the customer must be in close proximity to make a purchase. This can limit sales opportunities if you cannot find an appropriate payment terminal nearby.

Mobile credit card processing eliminates the need for your customers to wait until they are back at work or their homes to buy your products. They can purchase your goods and services from anywhere they’re able to get a mobile phone signal. This is why it’s the best solution for ecommerce stores, as more customers are interested in buying online products than ever before. Mobile credit card processing also enables users to readily track financial transactions which makes it easier to maintain accurate financial records.

What are the benefits of mobile credit card processing?

Mobile credit card processing provides merchants with several advantages over their conventional counterparts, including: 24/7 access , which allows you to process transactions anytime and anywhere.

  • Which allows you to process transactions anytime and anywhere. Higher conversion rates , which means you’re more likely to attract new customers.
  • Which means you’re more likely to attract new customers. Improved customer experience , as merchants are now able to follow up on transactions immediately instead of having to wait until the next day or week.
  • As merchants are now able to follow up on transactions immediately instead of having to wait until the next day or week. Cost savings, as credit card processing equipment isn’t needed to take payments.

Is mobile credit card processing secure?

Mobile credit card processing is just as safe as any other payment method. Credit card transactions are protected by SSL encryption technology, which secures all data transmitted between your customers and your business. This is the same technology used by many of the world’s leading banks to protect sensitive information.

Mobile credit card processing processors are PCI compliant, which means they follow the standards set in place by Visa and MasterCard for protecting customer data. Merchants who use their services can be confident that their transactions are safe when processed over mobile devices.

How do I get a mobile credit card processing account?

Mobile credit card processing is available through many major processors. To find a list of companies that offer it, please see this article: Comparison of Mobile Credit Card Processing Companies . Once you receive your account information, contact Store-Script support to learn about the options for enabling mobile credit card processing on your ecommerce website.