QuickBooks Workforce is a cloud-based time tracking, project management and payroll application. It’s an online solution with apps for iOS, Android and Windows devices that enables you to track time on tasks whether you are in your office or out in the field.  The app creates invoices based on time reported which can be added to QuickBooks.  This solution is meant to be used with employees who are paid via check, direct deposit or the ACH network.

QuickBooks Workforce was designed for small businesses that cannot afford or don’t need to manage payroll on their own. It collects time data from an iOS, Android or Windows device and organizes it by client, project and task before adding it to invoices within QuickBooks Online.

Time Tracking with QuickBooks Workforce

QuickBooks Workforce is built around the idea of time tracking.  The application enables you to track the time you spend on each project in real-time.  You can create projects, tasks and set a timer on each one of them.  QuickBooks Workforce will then display your task list and how long you have spent on each one of them.

Reports in QuickBooks Workforce

The application comes with built-in reports that’ll help you analyze how much time was spent on every project, task and client.  You can use these reports to make better decisions in your business.  It is even possible to set up QuickBooks Workforce reports via email, which means you can get them anytime from anywhere.

Invoicing with QuickBooks Workforce

QuickBooks Workforce enables you to create invoices based on time tracked and then add them to invoices in QuickBooks.  You can use these invoices in QuickBooks to invoice your clients/customers, which means you won’t have to enter the time tracked manually or create separate reports for this task.

Getting Started with QuickBooks Workforce

To get started, just create an account with your email address and password on quickbooks.com.  The application will then send you a verification code via email to validate your new account.  You can then connect the app to your QuickBooks Online account by inputting your online banking login credentials.

It is important to note that your internet connection must be stable when you are inputting these details since some information is pulled automatically while inputting the other details manually.  Now, you can start entering time on tasks for each project and client by clicking on “Start Timer”.  This will open up a window that’ll allow you to set a name for your project, task and how much time you want to track.  It is worth mentioning that it is possible to edit the timer later on if needed.

To allow QuickBooks Workforce access to your device’s contacts which will make it easier to invite other users, click on “Allow” at the bottom of your screen.  You may be asked to enter your passcode in order to continue after you have allowed access.  Once this is done, you can add a client by clicking on “New Client” and/or add a project by clicking on “New Project”.  It is worth mentioning that when adding a project, you’ll be asked to add a task and this will give you the opportunity to set a name and how much time you want to track for it.  When done, click on “Make it”.