A Credit Card Surcharge is a fee or percentage added to the price of anything you purchase with your Credit Card.

When Credit Cards were first introduced to Americans, they quickly became popular as an easy way to make any type of transaction. Some industries welcomed Credit Cards while others did not. Some merchants felt that Credit Cards took advantage of their business and applied Credit Card Surcharges.

Many Credit Card companies do not allow Credit Card Surcharges and will hit you with a Penalty (fees) if you try to add this fee to your Credit Card transaction. There are still some Credit Cards that embrace the Credit Card surcharge and even reward their customers!

What Credit Cards Allow Credit Card Surcharges?

American Express cards as a whole do not allow Credit Card Surcharges, but some American Express Corporate Credit Cards have been known to embrace the Credit Card surcharge. These Credit Cards have billing statements that show your purchase as a Personal Expenditure. For example, if you charge a Credit Card Surcharge on your American Express Credit Card, it will appear as a Personal Expenditure on your Credit Card statement.

American Express Black Credit Cards are known to embrace Credit Card Surcharges in some states. If you have an American Express Credit Card with rewards points for Travel & Entertainment, this fee helps fund those points.

Visa Credit Cards allow Credit Card Surcharges, but Visa Credit Card holders are often charged a Penalty for Credit Card Surcharge fees.

Mastercard Credit Cards do not allow Credit Card Surcharges of any kind. Mastercard surcharges are more likely to be billed as a Penalty Fee.

Discover Credit Cards do not allow Credit Card Surcharges at all.

So Which Credit Cards Should You Use?

Check out our Credit Card Reviews to find a Credit Card that works best for you!

There are Credit Cards available for every industry and each one has their own benefits. Everyone’s Credit Card choice will be different depending on your lifestyle, the Credit Card company’s Credit Score, Credit Limit, Credit Card Rewards, Credit Card Fees and Credit Surcharges.

You can visit our Credit Cards for Merchants page to find out which Credit Cards are right for your business!

Credit Cards for Small Businesses offer many great benefits including Credit Card Surcharges when you pay with Credit Cards. Credit Cards for Small Businesses allow you to track your Credit Card sales and Credit Card fees so you know how much money you earned!

We also have Credit Cards for Gas Stations & Grocery Stores if you want to get paid and save the time and hassle of counting cash. Credit Cards for Gas Stations allow businesses to track Credit Card sales so you can monitor Credit Card fees and Credit Card Surcharges.

In the Credit Cards for Gas Stations section, we have Credit Card Reviews that tell you which Credit Cards accept Credit Card Surcharges. Ask a Credit Professional to help you choose a Credit Card that will handle your business’s transactions the best!