eChecks are an electronic version of a paper check. Funds are electronically debited from the sender’s checking account and transferred to the recipient’s account. eChecks do not need to be printed or mailed, so they can be deposited anytime via online banking or mobile banking with most banks.

One advantage of using eCheck is that it allows a sender to verify the bank account number of a recipient before transferring funds.

How do eChecks help PayPal?

When you send or receive money from your PayPal balance, bank account or credit card to another PayPal member via eCheck, you will not be charged a fee for sending that payment. However, when you send or receive money using a credit or debit card, debit card or bank account outside of PayPal, the sender will be charged a fee.

For example; If you send $100 to another PayPal member using eCheck, you will not be charged PayPal anything for that transaction. However, if you used your credit card to complete the same transaction, PayPal would charge you $3.00 for that transaction or if you used your debit card, PayPal would charge you 2.9% of the payment amount plus 30 cents.

This is because PayPal charges fees when using credit cards and debit cards (outside of PayPal) to complete transactions on their service.

When you send money through eCheck to another PayPal member, you get the money right away. So if you have a product listed on eBay and someone sends you an eCheck for that amount to your PayPal account, you can ship the item in one business day. If the buyer uses his credit card or debit card directly on eBay (outside of PayPal) to buy your product, he would need to wait for 3 to 5 days before you receive the funds.

The same applies if you are a buyer, if you do not have a PayPal account and you send someone money using eCheck, that’s why it is called an “e”check. The payment will be available in your bank account in one business day. However, If you paid directly with your credit card, the payment will take 3 to 5 days to be available in your bank account.

eChecks Helping you and PayPal

eCheck is a fast and secure way of payments that allow members purchase safely and securely on We believe eCheck will become one of the preferred methods for online payment as eCheck provides a secure, fast and convenient payment option through the eCheck.

eChecks is a great way to buy from sellers who don’t accept PayPal directly. There are millions of people who use their checking account to make payments every day. We see that only a small fraction of that money is spent online. By offering a popular alternative form of checkout, we hope to more than double the amount of money moving through the ecommerce system.

eCheck is an alternative payment method that allows customers to pay with funds directly from their bank accounts for which you won’t be charged a fee by PayPal.

PayPal has three types of payment methods for you; credit card, debit cards and direct transfer from your bank accounts. Optionally, you may choose to use your credit card or debit card to complete your payment transactions on PayPal service. These cards are very popular but they sometimes attract high fees like 3% of the transaction amount if you buy something online outside PayPal (credit/debit card is used instead of a PayPal account).

eCheck is not a card payment method but it is still an easy way for you to pay online. The biggest advantage of eCheck is that this payment method does not attract any fees to complete the transaction. This means, if you buy something on eBay by sending money using PayPal’s eCheck, you just pay $100 without additional fees. However, if you buy this item using a credit or debit card, you need to pay $107.00 which includes the PayPal fee and the store’s price.