Cash Discount payment processing is a payment arrangement that allows customers to pay for their purchase with cash on the day of purchase. This means that if you run a business, your customer can pay you immediately after they receive their order instead of waiting 30, 45 or 60 days like most stores require. So not only does it help improve a business’ cash flow, but it also gives customers the option to decide when they want to pay for their purchase.

Is Cash Discount right for my business?

Cash Discount is an excellent option if you run a retail business in which your customer can pick up their order right away. If your company manufactures, this method of payment processing may not be as effective as it would be if your customer hadn’t already received their item.

Why should I offer Cash Discount payment processing for my business?

Offering Cash Discount payment processing benefits both you and your customers in a number of ways:

Many businesses see an increase in profits once they start offering this option to their valued customers. Not only can you expect to see your business improve its cash flow, but you’ll also experience an increase in overall sales.

You are giving your customers another payment option that is convenient for them. Not only will it help bring in more customers, but offering this type of payment processing could help keep the ones you already have.

Your customer will be more than happy with this option. Remember, each and every one of your customers is very important to your business’ success. Offering Cash Discount payment processing will not only improve your cash flow, but it will also help strengthen the bond you share with your customer base.

If you’re thinking about accepting Cash Discount payments at your business, now is the time to contact us. We at can offer you competitive rates and excellent customer service so that you don’t have to worry about anything.