3D Payment Gateway is a mass payment gateway for cryptocurrencies and other digital assets, which will allow the processing of both fiat and crypto transactions. It is built on top of modern technologies such as UTRUST (UTK) blockchain to enhance security and reliability. With its simplicity, 3D Payment Gateway will become essential in our daily lives.

About 3D Payment Gateway

The main goal of this project is to provide tools for merchants worldwide, allowing them to easily adopt crypto payments. The 3D Gateway aims to be a stable and secure platform built on modern technologies that will become the first step towards mass adoption.

3D Payment Gateway provides an opportunity for businesses, both online and offline, to accept cryptocurrencies in a simple way. With the ability to choose the cryptocurrency they would like to use when they create their account, merchants can guarantee themselves always having access to their funds without any risk of using an unstable currency.

3D Payment Gateway is especially important for unbanked people because it will allow them -without bank accounts -to guarantee their funds availability, safety and speed of transfer.

Key benefits for merchants:

  1. No KYC required to send / receive any payment
  2. Instant Deposit (no wait time) to the merchant’s wallet or bank account.
  3. Wide range of cryptocurrencies to choose from (initially, BTC, ETH, UTK, DASH)
  4. No Risk of funds going down due to the volatility of a single currency.

The 3D Payment Gateway team consists of a group of highly professional people with extensive experience in the payments industry. The company has been built from scratch and will be managed as a modern startup thanks to our strict hiring process and constantly growing team which will help it to constantly improve.

The 3D Payment team is made up of:

– A group of very experienced and qualified specialists in different areas such as finance, design, operations or blockchain development. They all have a clear understanding of the needs that must be met today in the payment industry and they know exactly what this project needs to succeed.

– International team members who speak several languages ​​as English, Spanish, Italian and Portuguese and who will be available 24/7 via Skype or email so that merchants get the best possible service at any moment of the day.

The 3D Payment Gateway team has a clear vision of how the future of the payment industry will be. We are working to achieve this future and we know that it takes time, effort but also a team with skilled people at every level. That’s why every member of our team is planned to have the necessary resources available so they can do their job to the best of their ability.

With 3D Payment Gateway, we want to make our customers’ lives easier and offer them the security and transparency they deserve.

Over time we will add new features such as:

  1. Multicurrency wallet (BTC, ETH , UTK)
  2. Fiat Currencies (EUR, USD, etc.)
  3. Multi Payment Gateway platform (online and offline)
  4. SDK for both online and offline platforms (allowing developers to create their own payment gateway in an easy way).